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Play Cleopatra at Paddy Power Games IGT's popular land-based Cleopatra should need little or no introduction to most of you slots fans I'm sure - It's become one of - if the not 'the' - most prevalent slot machine played in land-based casinos over the past few years and for some little time now we have also been able to play Cleopatra online along with Cleopatra II at some very good casinos.

If we ignore the jackpot versions of Cleopatra, then over the years I have played two different versions of the game in B&M ("bricks and mortar" or "land-based") casinos and both look identical to the version of Cleopatra you play online (there is one small change in the sound palette during the free spins) but there is one major difference between all 3 versions of the Cleopatra slots: the expected return to the player, more commonly referred to as "payout percentage" or "RTP".

When you play Cleopatra online the RTP is set to 95.015% which means, over the long term, this is what you could expect to achieve. The land-based version is not published but is lower and I'll explain how you can tell in a moment but meantime it is important to note that the RTP (on all slots) will rarely be seen as this requires millions of spins to be proven so when you play Cleopatra yourself, don't expect to see this in a single session! Ever!

The way you can tell the B&M land-based version of Cleopatra has a different RTP is in how it pays out certain wins. There are two versions of the B&M Cleopatra - the squat-top Game King version and the more upright "kiosk" version.

When you play Cleopatra on the Game King version you will note that not only is there no payout for two scatters but nor is there one for 2 9's. This makes a big difference to the RTP. On the more upright version there is no payout for two scatter symbols but 2 9's does pay. In the online version of Cleopatra slots both combos pay, hence the higher RTP.

A player's review of Cleo can be found on OCR's Cleopatra slot and if the 'free play' version of Cleopatra below isn't working for some reason, you can play both Cleopatra slots here along with several other IGT slot games.

Play Cleopatra below and then use the grid beneath the game to find somewhere play it for real if you fancy a bash. The casinos listed are all quality outfits and no download is needed to play Cleopatra or the other slot games.

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Of the casinos above, Bet365 has the most limited choice of IGT's online slots BUT it does have a number of games by Aristocrat that you may recognise. Paddy Power Games has about the best selection of IGT slot games - you can play Cleopatra or Cleopatra II for real or even in fun mode there - while Kerching also has both games and is actually owned and operated by IGT themselves.

Cleopatra is available at more online casinos to be fair but I have (and do) play these 4 regularly and can vouch for them all as really good and most importantly, fast to payout if you catch a decent win :)

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